Thursday 8 February 2024

Day One of Showcasing the books published by Parallel Universe Publications: The Heaven Maker & Other Gruesome Tales by Craig Herbertson


This is day one of showcasing the books published by PUP that are still available.

Day One: The Heaven Maker and Other Gruesome Tales is Edinburgh born Craig Herbertson’s first horror collection. There has been a revival of the old style horror exemplified by the gory Pan Horror collections once commonplace in newsagents and train station kiosks throughout the UK. “The Heaven Maker”, published in 1988, was one such story; at last it is once again in print along with some unseemly and dreadful companions. Also on the menu are stand alone excerpts from the critically acclaimed dark fantasy novel, “School: The Seventh Silence”, followed by an aperitif of dark songs from Herbertson’s extensive traditional repertoire. Bizarre philosophical discussions alternate with episodes of fantasy, horror… and occasional whimsy… The images and ideas come thick and fast. A very enjoyable read, perfect for lovers of fantasy that’s a bit different.

Timeless Love (originally published in Big Vault Advent Calendar 2011)
Synchronicity (originally published in Filthy Creations #2)
The Glowing Goblins (originally published in Auguries #16)
New Teacher (originally published in The Seventh Black Book of Horror)
The Janus Door
The Heaven Maker (originally published in The 29th Pan Book of Horror Stories)
The Waiting Game (originally published in Back from the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories)
The Art of Confiscation
Not Waving
Spanish Suite (originally published in The Sixth Black Book of Horror)
The Anninglay Sundial
Soup (originally published in The Fourth Black Book of Horror)
A Game of Billiards (originally published in Tales from the Smoking Room)
The Navigator (originally published in Big Vault Advent Calendar 2011)
The Tasting
Steel Works
Liebniz's Last Puzzle (originally published in The Fifth Black Book of Horror)
Big Cup, Wee Cup
Gifts (originally published in Big Vault Advent Calendar 2011)

Here is a link to a detailed review of Craig's collection: Review.

Trade paperback:  £11.99  $12.99          Barnes & Noble $12.99

ebook  £2.99  $3.99

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