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Parallel Universe Publications

David A. Riley; Linden Riley

Head Office: 130 Union Road, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, BB5 3DR, UK.

Email: paralleluniversepublications@gmx.co.uk or davidariley@gmx.co.uk

Phone: 07375388592

Parallel Universe Publications was originally created by David and Linden Riley in 1995 to produce a science fiction/fantasy magazine called Beyond. This ran for three issues and published stories by John Brunner, Karl Edward Wagner, Keith Brooke, Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Laws, and Simon Clarke, as well as regular features from Stephen Gallagher and Kim Newman. Now, years on, we have revived the imprint to start a new line in books, the first of which was Craig Herbertson's The Heaven Maker & Other Gruesome Tales.
In 2015 Parallel Universe published 12 books: 2 novels, 7 short story collections and 3 anthologies. In 2016 we published 11 books: 1 novel, 9 short story collections and 1 anthology.

Issue 1 was published in April/May 1995. It featured the following stories:
Gremlin by Karl Edward Wagner
Yesterday I Flew With the Birds by Stephen Laws
Yesterday by Alex Stuart
The Road to Utopia Plain by Rick Kennett
The Stages of the God by Ramsey Campbell
Lute-Player by David V. Barrett

It also included an interview with Troma Films' Lloyd Kaufman and an article by Keith Brooke on How SF Lost the Space Race.  Regular features were by Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, David Sutton, and Paul H. Birch.

The cover was by Martin McKenna, who did some of the interior illustrations, along with Tony Hough, Bob Covington, and Dave Carson.
 Issue 2 was published in June/July 1995. It featured the following stories:
A Touch of Earth by Colin P. Davies
The Shadow Navigator by Adrian Cole
The Syncretic Priest's Confession by Charles M. Saplak
Conversation Pieces by Mary Soon Lee
The Last Worshipper of Proteus by Brian Stableford
A Token of Our Esteem by Lyn McConchie
Two Tomorrow by Steven Paulsen
A Misleading Case in Future Law by John Brunner

It also included an interview by Steve Holland of David Gemmell, plus How I Stole the Sampo by Ian Watson. Again there were regular features by Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, David Sutton, and Paul H. Birch.

The cover was by David A. Hardy. Interior art was by Tony Hough, Bob Covington, Dave Carson, and Russ Nicholson.

 Issue 3 was published in Sept/Oct 1995. It featured the following stories:
Late Night at the Rusty Tiara by Larry Tritten
La Serenissima by David Sutton
Hearts Lost in a Vacuum by Simon Clark
Gwargens by Ian Redfern
Beside the Sea by Keith Brooke
The Last Hesperid by Marise Morland
The House of Quetzal Plumes by Stuart Palmer
Research Project by Shannah Jay

It also included an interview of Roger Zelazny by Ken Rand , plus the usual features by Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, David Sutton, and Paul H. Birch.

The cover was by Les Edwards, with back cover art by Boris Vallejo. Interior art was by Russell Morgan, SMS, Sydney Jordan, Al Davidson, and Alwyn Talbot.

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  1. Someone who is seemingly holds a position as a publisher at Parallel Universe, namely David A. Riley, deems it appropriate to post comments like those below on a post about a minute's silence for victims of the recent terror attacks in New Zealand.

    He writes, "And another minute's silence for this." and then goes on to share a link to a story about a "Christian massacre" in Nigeria.

    Do you really think this is appropriate in the circumstances, with the recent events in NZ still raw? Do you really think Mr. Riley's concern for anybody in Nigeria in genuine? If they were, do you think this is the right place for those to be expressed? On a post about a minute's silence for an atrocity that appals all right thinking people? Would it be more accurate to describe Mr. Riley's comments as faux outrage designed to imply that the minute's silence for the NZ victims is somehow undeserved?

    This is the sort of rhetoric that has been espoused by the Far-right in the aftermath of the NZ atrocity.