Monday 21 December 2015

The Winter Hunt and Other Stories by Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis

As well as England "B": Ninety Minutes of Hell by Richard Staines, A Saucerful of Secrets by Andrew Darlington, and Fishhead by Irvin S. Cobb, I am delighted to be able to announce that a further collection of short stories is  scheduled for publication by Parallel Universe in 2016: The Winter Hunt and Other Stories by Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis.

Saturday 19 December 2015

New five-star review for Kitchen Sink Gothic on amazon

One five-star review on amazon: "I just read the anthology "Kitchen Sink Gothic" and yes, I was blown away. As a title interpretation, I can respectfully call this Working Class Gothic, as it is a strange and Gothic journey into the lives of the ordinary folk of our world, and not the social elite that populate much of literature's history. And it is here that Kitchen Sink Gothic's charms lie. As a grab-bag of different tales, some surprise with their deviousness, and others shock with their arrogance, but all of them, each and every story in this clever and tasty collection, is sure to entertain. Heck, I think I'll pick it up and read it a second time now. Yes, it is that good."


Wednesday 2 December 2015

Richard Staines' England "B": Ninety Minutes of Hell due for publication in January

Parallel Universe's first publication for 2016 will be Richard Staines' controversially non-PC collection of football horror stories England "B": Ninety Minutes of Hell.
If you thought recent scandals involving FIFA were bad enough, worse is to come in the sorry saga of Vince Grinstead and the England World Cup "B" team and their nightmare fixtures of the 1970s.


“Please get in all the Richard Staines horror books and chuck out all that other rubbish you have on the shelves.” The T.L.S. (Tooting Library Service), message left on their public noticeboard, 1975.

“Richard Staines is one of the most valued contributors to our magazine and we are glad to have him, despite the avalanche of protests. No animals were actually harmed in the photo-spread referred to.” Readers Wives editorial, 1977.

“Unfortunately, the jury have not been able to reach a verdict due to food poisoning, hit and run incidents, and the disappearance of close family members, but the great British public outside this courtroom will doubtless make up its own mind about your filthy, depraved, sickening and contemptible books. Case dismissed. You may leave the dock.” Lord Justice Haigh (deceased), summing up in the case of Regina vs Richard Staines, 1978.

“Many horror authors insult the intelligence of the people. Staines not only does this but is a bloody good read, too. He is the future of horror in the 1980s.” Anonymous letter to Colour Climax, 1979.

“We do not feel under any obligation to have to respond on a point by point basis to your repeated claims that the Nobel Prize committee for Literature have deliberately overlooked your horror fiction and cannot undertake to reply to any further letters on this matter.” Official letter from Lars Svenson (deceased), Nobel Prize Award Committee, Secretary, 1979.

“That snob and has-been Dennis Wheatley has never lived in a council flat on a Peckham estate with only cheap cans of lager, a black and white telly, and Yes and Genesis records to keep his muse lubricated. Dennis Wheatley's simply not as socially relevant in today's world as a “man-of-the-people” like Richard
 Staines. The truth is that Wheatley recognises all this and was just being a dick when he refused to write the
introduction to Staines' book Psycho Flasher.” Anonymous letter to The International British Black Magic and Horror Club Newsletter # 8, 1975.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Kate Farrell's And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After now available in paperback

And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After by Kate Farrell

And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After is now available in paperback. A kindle copy will be available later today.

trade paperback: £8.00   $10.00

ebook:   £1.99     $3.05