Thursday 27 April 2023

M. R. James: A Portfolio of Jamesian Artwork by Jim Pitts


Whilst still reading submissions for the next volume of Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy we are also working on another project, a signed, limited edition chapbook of Jamesian artwork by award winning artist Jim Pitts. There is still quite a bit to be done on this yet, but most of the illustrations based on the great ghost stories of M. R. James have already been chosen and we have almost finished the front and back covers. See below.
Unlike most other PUP publications this will not be available through amazon or other online outlets but, because each copy will be numbered and signed by Jim Pitts, will only be available direct from PUP. There will be two ways to order copies: by cheque or by using a specially designed PayPal button. More information soon.

Tuesday 11 April 2023