Thursday 2 April 2020

Free Mobi and PDF Copies of these PUP Books during the Coronavirus Crisis

A reminder that if anyone during this crisis is short of some good reading material on their kindle (or your computer if you are okay with pdfs) free mobi copies of the following books are available from Parallel Universe Publications. All you need do is email and either a mobi copy (which can be copied and pasted onto your kindle) or a pdf will be emailed to you completely free.
Please ask for all or a selection of these titles. That's up to you.
Fishhead: The Darker Tales of Irvin S. Cobb
Classic Weird 2
Kitchen Sink Gothic
Classic Weird
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Goblin Mire
Their Cramped Dark World & Other Tales
His Own Mad Demons
Moloch's Children
Into the Dark