Friday 1 June 2018

Free e-book promotion for Into the Dark by Andrew Jennings

From tomorrow, Saturday the 2nd of June till the 6th, the e-book version of Into the Dark by Andrew Jennings will be free.

If you download this horror novel, would you please seriously consider giving it a review on amazon, whether you like the book or not.

"There's a serial killer at loose in London. Janice, who has a chronic fear of the dark, stumbles into a relationship with the man who may secretly be the murderer. Nedither know that in the North of England, in a place previously owned by his dead mother, activities are taking place that may unleash a horror that could spell the end of civilisation in Britain - an ancient evil that would make the activities of any serial killer look like child's play by comparison. Could a psychotic killer be the only man capable of ending this?"