Thursday 24 January 2019

Soon to be Out of Print

We have decided, with the agreement of their authors, to stop publishing two of our books due to lack of sales.
Both books will cease to be available from the end of February, when they will officially be Out of Print. If you wish to buy them before they become scarce items, you have five weeks in order to do so.
The books are:

Written by "Richard Staines" (in reality Mark Samuels) this is a series of hilariously non-PC comic horror stories featuring the "notorious" manager Vince Grinstead and the most violent, psychopathic footballers in the history of English soccer!

trade paperback:             Barnes & Noble


Written by Johnny Mains, these stories were originally published by Obverse Books as With Deepest Sympathy.
Johnny's other collection from us, A Little Light Screaming will remain in print.

This collection contains
The Judge’s House
With Deepest Sympathy
Gun Money
Jesus Wept
The Bag Lady
Falling in Love with a Dead Boy
Losing the Plot
Bloody Conventions
The Spoon
The Trapper
Life through a Lens
The Family Business
Small Town Life
Stour Bridge
Final Draft
The Duel.

trade paperback:           Barnes & Noble


Sunday 20 January 2019

Titles to cease publication

We will shortly be pulling publication of a couple of our older books that have low sales. We'll give everyone a month's notice if they want to buy copies before they are out of print.