Friday 6 March 2015

Youtube trailer for Charles Black's story collection Black Ceremonies

A youtube trailer for Charles Black's collection of short stories from Parallel Universe Publications, Black Ceremonies. Trailer by Anna Taborska. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Artwork by Paul Alexander Mudie

trade paperback: (£6.91) ($9.88)

ebook:  (£1.99) ($3.01)

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Goblin Mire reviewed by Simon Ives on the British Fantasy Society website

There's an excellent review of Goblin Mire by Simon Ives on the British Fantasy Society website.

"Had enough of trying to get your brain round the latest sci-fi epic, chockfull of phantasmagoria?  The sort that leaves you, well, frankly confused about what you have just read?  Then jump aboard this roller coaster of a tale, firmly grounded in old style fantasy and primarily told from the viewpoint of goblins and elves."

Click on this - review - to read the full version.

Monday 2 March 2015

Kitchen Sink Gothic - first acceptances

Linden and I have made our first nine acceptances for Kitchen Sink Gothic, filling 113 pages. We won't be making the rest till after the end of May, which is the deadline for submissions.

So far we have stories by Franklin Marsh, Andrew Darlington, Stephen Bacon, Gary Fry, Benedict J. Jones, Kate Farrell, Charles Black, David A. Sutton and Walter Gascoigne.