Sunday, 1 November 2020

RIP Martin McKenna

Very saddened to read today on a post by Steve Jones on facebook that the artist Martin McKenna died early September this year, aged only 51. 

Athough we lost touch in later years I got to know Martin well when he lived nearby in Rishton, Lancashire in the early 90s. We used to travel together, along with Jim Pitts, to the monthly SF meetings in Preston, organised by Stephen Gallagher and Paul Talbot. The only photo I have of Martin and me was at one of these meetings with Jim Pitts, when we were privileged to hear the great Ray Harryhausen talk about his work in film animation.

Martin painted the very first cover for our short-lived magazine Beyond, as well as providing a number of interior illustrations for it.  Even the magazine's title was his idea. 

Ray Harryhausen, Martin McKenna, Jim Pitts, David Riley



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