Friday, 23 October 2020

Kitchen Sink Gothic 2 reviewed on the Vault of Evil website

There's a detailed review of all the stories in Kitchen Sink Gothic 2 on the Vault of Evil website.

"Think we can safely chance that fans of Kitchen Sink Gothic Mk I will not be disappointed. A similar mix of relatively conventional ghost, fantasy and horror stories interspersed with occasional cosmic what-was-that-about strangeness?...

"Can't say I understood every story, but that's nothing unusual. My favourites, in no particular order, were Vlog's Legs (video ghastly fun), Wake up Screaming, Pain (Dino Buzzati/ Seven Floors flashbacks), Real life ( ... has a habit of screwing you over), Boy on the Train (weird tales), Winter Discontent (creepy premise like that, how could it fail?) and the trad vampire-ghost outing, Double Exposure."

You can order both versions through amazon:

You can also order the paperback for £11.99, postage free anywhere in the world, direct from Parallel Universe Publications

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