Submissions for Swords & Sorceries Volume 1 are now closed. We will announce when we re-open submissions for Volume 2. Till then any submissions received will be deleted unread.

Payment is £25 per story regardless of length, plus a contributor's copy. The book will be published as a paperback and ebook. If a hardcover version is published we will pay an additional £25. Contributors can also buy additional copies of the book through us at cost price. 

Please send your submissions to:

Please keep formatting as simple as possible, but we are not fussy. Just don't make it unnecessarily fancy or complicated. We just want an easy to print-off copy we can read.

Any stories accepted will be reformatted by us anyway for publication.

Please send your story as an attachment, headed "Submission - Swords & Sorceries"

And good luck!

Submissions closed on the final day of September 2020 and everyone will be notified the following week whether they have been successful or not. 

The first volume of Swords & Sorceries will be published in October. 


  1. Great theme! Is there a hard deadline for submissions?

    1. Yes, the deadloine now is the final day of September this year. We intend to publish the book in November.

  2. ta-merci for this notice... i believe i have an item or two for consideration... and do you have a newsletter also to which i might subscribe?

  3. Another slight inquiry, but how long do the exclusive rights to the story stay with the anthology? Just in the event I was fortunate enough to slither into the anthology, how many years would you want before the story would be able to be reprinted elsewhere?

  4. We only demand the right to print a story within this anthology for as long as there is a demand for it. The writer retains copyright of the work itself and so far as we are concerned is free to have it published elserwhere wherever and whenever they choose.

  5. Do you want submissions sent in emails or as attachments?

  6. I can't find a thing on format for the submissions. What should we use as a guideline?