A small handful of signed copies of After Nightfall & Other Weird Tales by David A. Riley, illustrated by Jim Pitts, are still available for pre-order price of £18 (within the UK), but it is a case of first come first served. When these have gone copies can only be ordered either through amazon or direct from us at the full price of £20, inclusive of postage and packing anywhere in the world. These copies will not be signed.

As well as over 20 illustrations by award-winning artist Jim Pitts, this hardcover book contains the following stories:
Three Eyed Jack
The Fragile Mask on his Face
Terror on the Moors
The Shade of Apollyon
Writer's Cramp
Fish Eye
Boat Trip
After Nightfall

Here are just a couple of the illustrations, plus a peep inside the book itself.

After publication this hardcover book will be for sale at £20.00 per copy.

Up until publication it can be pre-ordered for £18.00 including postage and packing within the UK, and all copies will be signed by both the writer and the artist. We have added extra charges for overseas orders.

To pre-order please use the button below.


Ordinary copies are available here


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