Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Crabian Heart by Erik Hofstatter - updates

As well as having yet two more excellent reviews, Erik Hofstatter's The Crabian Heart is now also available in paperback, price £9.99/$12.99.  £9.99 $12.99

"The Crabian Heart protects from inevitable heartaches.  It's a story of young love and perhaps, more importantly, an immigrant's tale.

It is a story well-told with beautiful prose...

In addition to the main novella, there's a bonus short story from Erik, called Fountain of Drowned Memories.

Erik Hofstatter is not afraid to tackle the difficult subjects.  Between the stories in this brief collection, he takes on both immigration and dementia with aplomb.

Recommended." Frank Michaels Errington

"It’s as easy getting settled into this story as your favorite chair, but don’t count on it being nearly as comfortable. Erik Hofstatter quickly sets a tone of unease, uncertainty and struggle for young boy in a new country... This was a great read with great characters and it was so well told." The Scary Reviews

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