Monday, 30 October 2017

First review of Nightscape on

Eric Ian Steele's Nightscape got an excellent first review on by David W. Thompson:

"Eric Ian Steele’s “Nightscape” is a horror anthology well worth your attention. The tales run the gamut from pure conventional horror (City of the Dead) to flirting with science fiction (After the Fall). One, The Musical Box, had a welcome Hitchcock vibe, and Vincent Price absolutely must return to us for a part in “Charlie!” This one starts the reader off with a bang, and leads to an unusual surprise ending.
“Black Annis,” a tale of an ancient witch seeking revenge for the injustices heaped upon her is a personal favorite, but “Indian Summer” is my pick of the litter and is alone worth the price of admission. Mr. Steele does an excellent job with character development and world building, not an easy task for a short story, and his descriptive prose sets the mood for the terror to come!
Many other macabre accounts fill these pages, and if this is your passion, Mr. Steele will not fail to delight."

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