Thursday, 10 August 2017

Stocks of Carl Barker's Parlour Tricks arrive from the printer

Stocks of Carl Barker's collection of tales, Parlour Tricks, arrived today from the printer.

The outstanding cover is the work of artist Luke Spooner, who also did the cover for another PUP book, David A. Riley's Their Cramped Dark World and Other Tales £20.00 $26.00

About the book:

Devil worshippers stalk the ageing boards of Blackpool Pier, a scrap-yard automaton devours the souls of lost children, and a murderous priest hunts an ancient she-demon through the streets of New York.
A selection of horror stories to chill the blood, featuring revenant felines, garbage-eating clairvoyants, flesh-eating magpies and a severed head with murder in mind.

‘A remarkable and substantial story… neatly absurd, particularly in its very satisfying ending.’
D. F. Lewis on Unexploded Girlfriends
Like Jules Verne on crystal meth - incredibly intense and severely alarming.’
Ursula K. Raphael on Fish Out of Water
‘This reviewer’s personal favourite… clever and engaging.’
Fangoria Magazine on Why The Wild Things Are
‘It’s an impressive debut.’ on The Man Who Came To Dinner
Parlour Tricks - hardcover

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